Music is a big part of our services at Grace.  God's Word is very clear that God created music to be used as a tool for the praise and worship of His goodness and His glory.  We believe that the music program is the second most important part of the church service.  It is a great tool the Holy Spirit uses to prepare the way for the preaching of the precious Word of God.  We believe music is very powerful, and is the garden tiller that goes before the Gospel seed; the paver that lays the roadway on which the Gospel message travels.  Therefore it is of the utmost importance that our music be of the highest caliber and quality.

Our music is conservative, sacred, and rich in its content.  We strive for evangelistic music, meaning that the songs may give a testimony, teach doctrine, proclaim the Gospel, give an invitation, issue a warning, tell a story, or encourage, etc.  We believe music for the sake of music is wrong, and that we must have purpose behind our songs.  We do not use the modern genres of the Contemporary Christian Movement, or what is often referred to as "praise and worship" music.

Our adult choir embraces a traditional 4-part harmony style, bringing vibrant color to each song we sing.  Our goal is to edify the saint, evangelize the sinner, and exalt the name of Jesus through song.  Our congregational singing features songs like "Victory in Jesus", "There's Power in the Blood", "When We All Get To Heaven", and many more.  We believe the tried-and-true hymns and gospel songs of the faith have stood the test of time, bearing witness that truly God-honoring music is timeless and spans all generations. 

We embrace old-time singing, shouting, and praising the Lord!  If you enjoy songs that'll stir your heart, lift your spirit, and glorify Jesus Christ, you'll love the music at Grace Baptist Church of Windy Gap!

 Come join us at Grace!